co2 laser

CO2 fractional ablative laser skin rejuvenation is the gold standard treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, reduce laxity and improve skin thickness.

How does it work?

The laser targets the superficial and deep layers of the skin to create tiny wounds and stimulate a wound-healing response. As the skin heals, it creates new collagen, elastin and skin hydrators, resulting in smoother, tighter and plumper skin. We normally recommend a course of treatments to address fine lines and wrinkles.​

How many treatments will i need?

Most patients require 1 treatment however depending on severity more treatments may be required.

How effective is this?

The results of this treatment are permanent. However, over time, concerns such as pores, pigmentation or fine lines may return. Thus you may benefit from doing CO2 laser again in the future.

Treatment Price –

Co2 Small Area £600
Co2 Eyes £900
Co2 Half Face £1800
Co2 Full Face £2500 


A no-obligation consultation will allow us to match personalised treatment plans to your end goals. Whether that’s a single treatment or a plan of holistic therapy to boost your confidence and enhance your natural beauty.